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Devils Postpile Playing Card Case

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Inspired By Nature!

Shaped by Fire and Ice the Devils Postpile National Monument is located near Mammoth Mountain California. An amazing and unique piece of nature that features natural occurring hexagon shapes which is one of nature's strongest natural designs. After visiting the site our designers thought this would make a beautiful and strong addition to our playing card case collection. For the first time ever you will have the choice between two colors. Inspired by the Devil name we went with Black and Red, of course! If you are in need for something to protect your cards in your pocket or bag then look no further. You could utilize a bulky leather belt card case, yuck! Card clips that squeeze your cards, don't fit and are an old design. Or you could run with the Devil! 

**Only one card case is part of the final order, make sure to choose the color of your preference.**

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Please Note:
Each product is made-to-order in house and finished by hand. The result is that no two products will be exactly alike with unique variations in texture for a one-of-a-kind piece. Please allow 2 - 3 days before your order is shipped. Larger orders will require additional production time. If you need it sooner, please contact us before placing your order. Cards pictured are not included.
Technical Specifications: 
Interior Dimensions: 18 mm x 66 mm x 92.5 mm (Fits Poker Sized Playing Cards)  
Exterior Dimensions: 22.9 mm x 71 mm x 94.6 mm 
Material: PLA Environmentally Friendly Bio-plastic