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The Memory ArtsBook by David Trustman and Sarah Trustman

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The Memory ArtsBook by David Trustman and Sarah Trustman.


Our new book shows you how to memorize any deck in less than an hour!


No prior memorization is necessary!


The Memory Arts is our most beautiful book to date. Full-color, with pictures on every page, this book details the simple, secret formula that will allow you to remember things better - and not just in magic. This system, based on all the great pillars of mnemonics, was developed by husband and wife superteam Sarah and David Trustman. Watch the trailer above to hear more from them and their incredible system!


They brought the house down at Magi-Fest 2018, when they showed the audience how to EASILY remember half of a memorized deck (Tamariz Stack) in FIFTEEN MINUTES. They build upon their earlier ebooks to bring you this comprehensive volume, combining their Book's A and B plus MUCH more.


They can do the same for you. And the best part is that once you read the book and incorporate their system, you'll be able to remember ALL SORTS OF THINGS. Not just the Aronson or Tamariz Stack, but other things from your life: phone numbers, to-do lists, your children's names. 


The book itself is worthy of any coffee table. It's full of original art that will help you associate each card or line item with a picture. And the book SPECIFICALLY tackles how to memorize both Aronson and Tamariz, and for those of you feeling ambitious, it's actually quite easy to memorize BOTH stacks, and switch between them. The Memory Arts shows you how with a breezy, fun, humorous writing style. The Trustmans have received RAVES about their system (including from Dominic O'Brien - the eight-time World Memory Champion), and now it's finally in one place.


If you've purchased their ebooks from us before, you know how helpful they are for memorizing decks and other information. This is the DEFINITIVE collection of their work. There is LOTS of new material here, including memorizing your own stack and crucially, how you can switch between stacks.

This book is from my personal collection. Only read through once and is in like new condition!