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Modular Floating Playing Card Wall Mount

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Playing cards are art and... ART DOESN'T BELONG IN THE DRAWER!!!

Today's playing cards have become true works of art. They are the background to our astonishing Magic and beautiful Cardistry. Think of how much work and creativity went into each set of cards you own. At after some time we started too realize that to many people are keeping their playing cards hidden. Put away in drawers and cabinets, is that what you do? Hope not!  

We believe this is a true disappointment and wanted to help the playing card world. The true problem we uncovered is that before today the market did not provide a proper solution. So we decided to fix that problem and create one for the modern day Magician, Cardist or Card Collector! 

Here are just some of the features:

  • Designed so decks can be slid easily in and out of the front without having the remove the mount from the wall.
  • Makes your cards appear as if they are floating due to the mount being almost completely hidden. 
  • Modular. Meaning you can use more than one together to create any layout or design you want!
  • Made of durable and responsible bio-plastic.
  • Each mount comes with two mounting options: a screw or damage-free hanging strip. 

Additionally, we have found while using our Modular Floating Playing Card Wall Mount visitors ask about the displayed cards which encourages an opportunity to perform! You can just pull the cards right out of the mount, show them off and then put them right back.   

Start showing off your art today and stop hiding it! Shipping worldwide!

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Please Note:
Each product is made-to-order in house and finished by hand. The result is that no two products will be exactly alike with unique variations in texture for a one-of-a-kind piece. Please allow 2 - 3 days before your order is shipped. Larger orders will require additional production time. If you need it sooner, please contact us before placing your order. Cards pictured are not included.
Technical Specifications: 
Interior Dimensions: 18 mm x 66 mm x 92.5 mm (Fits Poker Sized Playing Cards)  
Exterior Dimensions: 15 mm x 68.4 mm x 94.6 mm 
Material: PLA Environmentally Friendly Bio-plastic 

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